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2004 f-350 6.0 turbo diesel I have a leak with a low oil pressure was wondering if you had a product to help stop my leak Also wanted to clean it's injectors and glow plugs

Updated: Feb 17

Morning Alfonso, if that was my truck this is what I would do:  

1. Put one bottle of our Tune Up (engine flush/leak stop) in the crankcase, idled for about 20 minutes.  That should fix your oil leak, and also remove carbon from your piston rings and cylinder walls.

2. Put one bottle of our Gas & Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner in the fuel tank at high concentration--1 bottle to 1/4 tank or even 1/8 tank.  That should help clean out clogged injectors.  

3. Run a third bottle (Injector Cleaner) directly into the air intake while at high idle (2500 rpm)--we have some videos on tiktok showing this on a diesel truck (see stuck turbo fan diesel video).

tune up engine flush
original tune up bottle design

I think Combo-pack 5 on our web site is what you want--about $40.  

I hope this helps. 

Benn, Motor Purr Inc. 409-787-1321

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