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Beset Motor Tune Up


For decades our Transmission Tune Up has been used successfully in the crank case, the transmission, and the hydraulic systems of cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and countless other motorized vehicles and pieces of equipment. 


  • Restores compression due to piston ring sludge and diesel cylinder wall glaze.

  • Stops automatic transmission seal leaks.

  • Stops automatic transmission slipping, slow shifting, and rough shifting.

  • Stops oil leaks in front and rear main seals

  • Stops hydraulic valve stem seal leaks.

  • Frees stuck hydraulic valve lifters. 

  • And more.

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Our Metallic Seal Up is widely believed to be the top product for fixing the most challenging leaks in a vehicle's cooling system. It is also one of the easiest to use as well as most economical. In just a few simple steps, our product will seal radiator, freeze plug, and heater core leaks in 10 minutes, and head gasket, engine block, and cylinder head leaks in 10 driving miles. 


  • Compatible with all anti-freeze.

  • Does not contain sodium silicate aka "Liquid Glass".

  • Seals all coolant leaks for 2 years or longer.

  • Leave in cooling system for future protection.

  • No cooling system draining or flushing required.

  • Stops radiator, freeze plug, heater core, head gaskets, engine block and cylinder leaks.

Best Engine Seal
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Best Injector Cleaner



Motor Purr's Gas & Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner combats carbon buildup throughout the fuel system, and will increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by dissolving and removing gum, varnish, and carbon deposits wherever they exist. 


  • Increases fuel octane and diesel cetane for better performance.

  • Cleans and restores the original spray patterns to each fuel injector.

  • Absorbs harmful moisture in the fuel system.

  • Reduces carbon particulates in diesel exhaust

  • Dissolves & removes gum, varnish & carbon throughout entire fuel system.

  • Does not contain alcohol.

  • Acts as an upper-cylinder and fuel lubricant--especially important for diesels

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One of the original "Oil Honey" products on the market, our Oil Stabilizer is sought by owners of higher mileage cars and trucks. 
This special product is a premium, 100% petroleum-based, full formulated oil stabilizer that decreases harmful friction and engine wear, while increasing oil pressure and compression. 


  • Mixes with all conventional & synthetic motor oils.

  • Reduces engine friction, increases engine life and improves gas milage.

  • Increases oil pressure.

  • Reduces exhaust emissions.

  • Leaves protective oil film through out the engine.

  • Will not separate or settle out.

  • Reduces oil engine consumption.

  • Stops piston slap.

  • Can added to a full crankcase of oil.

Best Oil Stabilizer
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Oil Stabilizer for Dozer




For that extra protection needed in four cylinder and high performance engines, Motor Purr Heavy Duty Motor Oil Stabilizer has you covered. This special product is a premium, 100% petroleum-based, full formulated oil stabilizer that decreases harmful friction and engine wear, while increasing oil pressure and compression. Use Motor Purr Heavy Duty Motor Oil Stabilizer in semi-trucks, motor homes, SUV’s, tractors and other heavy duty farm and Earth moving equipment.


  • Will not void new car warranties when used as directed.

  • 100% petroleum-based product.

  • Blends with all automotive lubricants including ATF, synthetic & mineral oils.

  • Keeps old engines alive & new engines new.

  • Treats the oil & the metal.

  • Reduces friction in the engine.

  • Eliminates engine dry starts.

  • Cools & quiets engines and the gear boxes.

  • Increases fuel mileage.




Motor Purr Drive & Flush


Removes Alkaline Scale and Rust


  • Works while you drive.

  • Helps prevent overheating.

  • Safe for all cooling systems.

  • Removes alkaline build up.

  • Removes scale deposits.

  • Removes rust.

Best Cooling System Cleaner