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Motor Purr Inc.

700 Otho Drive Hemphill, TX 75948


General Certificate of Conformity (GCC)

1. Identification of the general use (non-children’s) product covered by this certificate

   Child-resistant cap used for:

     • Consumer size (7.5 ounce) Fuel Injector Cleaner

     • Consumer size (7.5 ounce) Transmission Tune Up


2. Applicable CPSC Regulations:

     • 16 CFT 1700 Poison Prevention


3. Packaging Location / Date of Packaging Testing

       Lancaster, PA / May 2021

4. Identification of the U.S importer or domestic manufacturer certifying compliance of the product:

       Motor Purr Inc.
       107 N. Texas Street

       Hemphill, TX 75948

5. Contact information for the individual maintaining records of test results:

       Benn Bundy
       Motor Purr Inc.
       107 N. Texas Street
       Hemphill, TX 75948
       Phone: 409-787-1321 Email:

6. Date and place where this product was manufactured:

       October 1, 2015
       Jones Motor Purr Co., Inc.

       560 W. 182nd St.
       Gardena, CA 90248

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