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Oil Blogger Says 'Put Up With Oil Burning!"

A popular oil blogger recently said, in response to this question "Why does my 2014 (unnamed) German car burn so much oil?" to 'just put up with it!'

I flat-out disagree with that!

Then he goes on to say that the view on oil consumption (burning) has evolved over the years, that it's not uncommon for brand new cars to burn oil, that a quart every 1,000 miles is considered normal.

It didn't used to be!

Then he said something I do agree with. 'The oil control ring on the pistons that scrape the oil from your cylinder walls, that they get clogged with carbon and gunk.'

So we should do what this guy does??? 'Keep a five -quart container of oil in your trunk and check and top-off your oil every time you fill up!!'

My '06 GMC Sierra doesn't burn any oil, and it has 360,000 miles.

There are some products that will dissolve that built-up sludge on the piston rings--it's strong, and flammable, and will likely come in a glass bottle. Level the Playing Field.

Tune Up being poured into crankcase
Adding Some Tune Up

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Apr 20

I believe the oil consumption is more common in vehicles with Gas Direct Injection GDI.

Will Motor Purr help in these engines?

Apr 20
Replying to

Thank you. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is this: From my experience, GDI engines suffer primarily a soot buildup in the air intake valve area, because of that engine's particular design. We have a video posted called Intake Valve Carbon GDI, and a couple others, showing how we can solve that problem with our IV Tube and Injector Cleaner. There are links from our homepage. Back to the the oil burning issue: these GDI engines often have the low tension piston ring design, which design has really struggled to keep oil out of the combustion chamber, which causes the burning. We have a good video on that also, called Burning Oil and Low Tension Rings.…

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