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My 2011 Audi Quattro is burning oil, what can I use to fix it? Lee B.

Lee, If that was my Audi, I would use 1 Bottle of our Motor Purr Tune Up. It is recommended for compression restoration and oil burning, which are often related.

That Quattro engine is known for excessive oil burning, possibly due to ring design. If the rings have started seizing, or are sticking, the rings have built-up sludge or varnish type deposits. The Tune Up, with its very strong solvent mix, will help dissolve those deposits.  If it's just bad engine design or ring design (some of them are) it might not help 100%.

That particular engine is not high compression ratio (it's 9.8:1), so that shouldn't be a factor. Often high compression ratio engines begin to burn oil earlier than other engines.

This product goes in the crankcase, obviously, and carefully, and you idle it for 20 minutes.  We recommend doing it right before an oil change.  You shouldn't drive it too far until you do change the oil.

I hope this helps. Benn, Motor Purr Inc.

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