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My 1998 f-150 with 300k miles by David P.

My f-150 with 300k miles had these immediate problems--it missed, and between 40 and 50 mph it would shake and rattle bad, and shift really hard. I had been using store brand octane booster. My friend showed me a TikTok video of this stuff called Motor Purr.

I ordered the tune up kit with iv drip, has three bottles in it. I added one bottle to the gas tank, then the other into the transmission fluid. My truck is shifting so smooth as of this evening. The 40 to 50 mph rattle has almost stopped completely. Tomorrow I will use the vacuum line and iv drip the last bottle.

Best 54 bucks I ever spent. I emailed Mr. Benn and he said to just call me at this number so I called him and he answered all my questions on a Saturday evening. I am a lifelong customer now. Thank you sir!

a bottle of Tune Up
Vintage Tune Up Bottle

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