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Exhaust Smoke Remedy

Updated: Feb 29

I am not a mechanic--I've admitted that many times. But I have come to understand that many exhaust smoke problems have a simple remedy.

Valve stem seal leaks is one of them. Some older cars have valve stems, with seals that are also old. These seals dry out, and they shrink. Oil gets past them into the combustion chamber and burns, making smoke.

Older BMWs suffer this problem. Getting those leaky seals to swell back to their original form is a simple fix with a bottle of our Tune Up. We've been using it for decades for this exact purpose. We even have a video on it linked from our homepage. I'll try to post it here one day, if I can figure it out. Until then, good luck.

Stay tuned for Too Much Exhaust Smoke Pt. 2 coming soon.

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