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RV Owners and Motor Purr

Our Gas & Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner (and our Metallic Seal Up) give RV owners peace of mind as they travel. The driver can be assured that interrupted travel due to fuel problems will virtually be a thing of the past. Motor Purr chemistries, on the market since 1967, and EPA registered, offer an unequaled level of protection against gasoline or diesel related mechanical and performance issues, including potential engine failures.

Made with our industrial grade chemistries, our Fuel Injector Cleaner is ideal for both gasoline and all diesel fuels, including ultra-low sulfur (ULSD), for which it will enhance lubricity in upper cylinder areas and reduce injector pump wear rates.

Our Fuel Injector Cleaner:-Improves fuel economy-Increases engine power and reliability -Enhances ignition quality
-Significantly cuts diesel smoke and soot-Prevents damaging, power-robbing deposits-Keeps fuel fresh during long layup periods -Restores stale and degraded fuel to freshness -Keeps fuel systems and filters clean

Our Metallic Seal Up is widely known as the most effective and easy to use cooling system leak repair product on the market today. No fluid change is required before or after use and it can be kept in the system for up to two years. It is great for emergencies and peace of mind when on the road, and in remote places. RV owners and Motor Purr fit like hand and glove!

Seal Up and Injector Cleaner
RV Peace of Mind

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