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Piston Ring Sludge Remedy

Updated: Feb 29

Piston ring sludge, left untreated, can eventually cause some engines to fail. It is also very easily preventable, by the owner, at home, with a simple Do-It-Yourself treatment.

The ring at the bottom of the piston (see photo), the oil control ring, is most often the first to get clogged, and the first to seize. The other rings can follow soon afterwards. When this happens, compression is reduced, oil gets into the combustion chamber and burns, and the engine can enter a downward spiral. Depending on the engine, this can occur as early as 100,000, possibly earlier. Even with regular oil-change intervals, this sludge can form.

The strong formula mixture of Motor Purr's Tune Up, when used an an engine flush, in the crankcase, mixed with the oil, can dissolve the sludge, and can prevent ring failure and the ensuing compression and oil burning problems. If a ring has already seized, it is possible with the proper application technique, to unseize it.

Piston ring sludge and low compression is a seemingly intractable problem with a very straight forward remedy.

Motor Purr--let us know if we can help.

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