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Pass Your Smog Test

Updated: Feb 29

Are you required to pass an emissions test every year or two to get your car inspection approved? If yes, then you have my sympathy!

In East Texas we don't have that mandate. But many of the big Texas cities do.

I got a call from a South Central Los Angeles customer this morning reminding me that we have been helping California customers for decades pass their annual sniff tests with our Gas & Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner.

There are two ways they can do this: 1. If used regularly--every couple months--your injectors will remain clear of carbon deposits thereby greatly reducing the unburned fuel that ends up in your exhaust or your catalytic converter, and

2. If used in high concentration immediate prior to your test--perhaps a day or two--it will often reduce the emissions enough to pass.

As always, there are multiple moving parts to passing emissions tests, and I don't want to over-simplify anything. But our Injector Cleaner is a proven (and simple) first line of defense. And remember, we have a no questions asked/no returns necessary refund policy. Good luck, and call if we can help!

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