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Is A Regular Oil Change all You Need?

Updated: Feb 29

Many people say a regular oil change is all you need to keep your car or truck running well for years and years. Well, I agree with that by ABOUT 1/2!

  • A regular oil change will not keep carbon deposits from building up on your extremely important fuel injectors. And those deposits start forming day 1.

  • A regular oil change will not keep carbon build-up off your cylinder heads.

  • A regular oil change will not keep your neoprene seals from shrinking, causing oil leaks and hydraulic seal leaks.

And, frankly, even with a regular oil change eventually your piston rings and your crankcase will collect oil sludge build-up, effecting compression and allow for increased oil burning.

An occasional engine flush, and the periodic use of a strong injector cleaner, will keep those problems, and many others, at bay virtually forever.

Disagree? Let me hear from you!

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