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I have a 2001 S10 what do u recommend for the oil plus transmission ??

This question is from Miguel tonight, and here was my answer. "Miguel, if that was my s10, I would do this: Put 1 bottle of our Tune Up in the transmission, especially if it isn't shifting right, or slipping, or hesitating. It's very easy to do, and no fluid needs to be changed before or after. The Tune Up will evaporate out after 48 hours, and we have a very high success rate.

For the oil, because of the age of the car, I would put another bottle of our Tune Up in the crankcase, ideally just before an oil change. After all those years, there will absolutely be a bunch of carbon sludge build up everywhere. And it can affect many functions. Plus it is easy to do."

Miguel must have seen tonight's video on the 1997 Ford Ranger repair.

There is a third thing I might do, but suggesting it felt like UPSELLING, so didn't mention it. But, after the oil change I would put in a jar of our Motor Stabilizer Oil Honey. It's a bit pricy, but my customers swear by it! Cheers, and good luck to Miguel on his 2001 S10 transmission!

A bottle of our Signature Product
Tune Up, Our Signature Product

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