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Drivers, Flush Your Engines!

What is the most destructive force in the Universe? Well, that's hardly debated any more. It's sugar. But for your car or truck engine, it's carbon, in all its malignant, yet predictable forms. One of those two will drastically shorten the life of your vehicle. And the other one will--well you get the idea.

A customer of mine the other day said "I didn't even know my engine could BE flushed," referring to her oil-burning and compression problems we were working on.

It's almost impossible to properly convey the truly off-the-charts cost-benefit value of a simple, regular engine flush with a high quality product--ideally one tested over many decades. Most of my competitors now market their own flush product--massive companies that could squash me, but not without a fight.

The good flush products are made to work on both gasoline and diesel engines. They will reach the sludge in the hardest to reach areas of your crankcase, help keep your oil cleaner between changes, and improve fuel economy, among many other benefits.

So, drivers, what are you waiting for--flush your engines! do the hard work, let us know if we can help.

The best way to flush your engine.
Tune Up Engine Flush

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