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Crazy Like a Fox (or How Drivers Keep Their Cars Running)

Updated: Feb 29

My customers will do some crazy things--virtually anything it takes--to keep their cars and trucks running, on the road, for as long as possible, with an affordable fix.

Really crazy things, like mixing two-stroke oil with their diesel for lubrication. Same with automatic transmission fluid. Or even used oil from their crankcase. Black pepper for a radiator leak. That's all crazy, right? Or maybe it's just Crazy Like a Fox.

Anything to get into that henhouse. Or in this case, anything to fix their cars so they can drive to work, and then drive home again.

What do I know? I'm no mechanic, no chemist, no scientist. I'm a real estate broker, and not a great one. But here I am.

And I've come to understand that our brand resonates with a bunch of hard-working car and truck owners just like you guys.

So, that is how many drivers keep their cars running, and on the road.

Motor Purr. Let us know if we can help.

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